Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From Fr Hunwicke
  • Lectionary systems. People from Bishop Peter Robinson (here’s a good recent entry from him on churchmanships) to Derek Olsen agree that our holy mother the church (a concept foreign to even high Protestants but anyway) knew what she was doing when she developed, in more than one rite (the Orthodox do it), one-year lectionaries as the best way to teach people, because most people can only retain so much. Robinson: three-year schemes look good on paper but mean the people only know scripture about a third as well.
  • On Newman: blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true man. Newman goes on to ... speak of those in his own day who condemned devotion to Mary as (unconsciously) heretics.
  • Gabbling the Mass. More from Newman. Fr H: For classical Protestantism, the Eucharist is an acted word; it is a sermon dramatised; it is intended to instruct the witnesses and draw their heart to that saving faith which justifies. But for the Catholic, it is an opus operatum; an action which by the powerful and indefectible promise of Christ is objectively (not merely subjectively and in the heart of the believer) effective.

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