Saturday, May 29, 2010

From Joshua
  • Paulitical principles. Rand’s real problems are nothing to do with the media dogpiling but he’s one of the better candidates.
  • The left and Mao. Thinking people on the Left or Right have no use for anyone who approvingly cites history’s greatest mass-murderer. Looking for a moment at one of Joshua’s points, the Nazis were about a sort of populist resentment of the aristocracy, and about state control but not state ownership of the economy, neither of which are positions of the right.
  • The overthrow of the church and the rise of witchcraft. Mary’s treatment of respectable and law-abiding people who had no favours to ask, and were reasonably confident of getting to heaven by the regular judgment, without expense, rankled so deeply that three hundred years later the Puritan reformers were not satisfied with abolishing her, but sought to abolish the woman altogether as the cause of all evil in heaven and on earth. Then after the ‘Enlightenment’ shattered the faith of many of them, a couple of centuries later they started ordaining women including lesbians. New Age is a variation on the same theme: Christian ethics tweaked to accommodate name-the-issue, minus Christian theology. Meanwhile our holy mother the church remains what she was.

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