Monday, May 24, 2010

Two from Dr Tighe
  • I hope this is true.
  • Little-known English history that Fr Hunwicke has written about before. Martyrs in 1549 who were Henrician Anglicans but didn’t go along with the change from the Latin books to the first Prayer Book. But given the history as described by Christopher Haigh in a book Dr Tighe gave me, they should have seen this coming. Henry may not have liked the Protestants but like a ecclesiastical yo-yo he gave them free rein now and then depending on his political situation with the European powers. The evolution of Anglican ecclesiology: from ‘go to the king’s church — or else!’ (which superficially looks like our one-true-church claim and the ‘error has no rights’ view of our right wing towards religious liberty, but really isn’t... high-church doesn’t necessarily mean Catholic) to ‘believe what you want as long as you don’t teach it as exclusive truth (and, in the older way and still on paper, give lip service to credal orthodoxy) and then your bishop gets to meet the king/queen every 10 years’. The thread in common: denying objective truth which though appearing humble is actually a claim of absolute power over reality.

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