Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why Amish businesses don’t fail
Karen De Coster:
Because they don’t open Cold Stone Creamery stores and other embarrassing reminders of the Credit Bubble’s infatuation with adolescence.
As I’ve said here before, the misunderstood Amish don’t live in the past; they live with the past, which is normal (just like Catholic cultures do), and selectively with the present — He uses terms like “out of the box,” routinely reads business books (especially those with a religious business bent), and has attended seminars by motivational and performance training guru Zig Ziglar — in order to keep their local churches together. In other words all their archaisms have a practical, not nostalgic, reason (if community members don’t own cars — but they are allowed to ride in them — the community doesn’t break up for example). Some things in their culture are symbolic: no moustaches because as pacifists they associate them with the military in the German land they came from 300 years ago.
I guess you just have to stay true to your convictions and draw your own lines and not overdo it where you lose the values and your way of life.

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