Saturday, June 05, 2010

Blocked comments
In the spirit of libertarian freedom of expression I rarely ban non-spam but the issue recently came up because as friend of the blog dcs wrote answering a last-straw comment:
You haven’t made an argument; you’ve simply dismissed YF’s post with an ad hominem.
There are regular commenters who disagree with me, from palæos to the right of me (Jeff Culbreath for example) to, to the left of me, the Episcopalian middle (C. Wingate) and leftists (Steve Hayes). They stick to the issues and are always friendly so they’re always welcome.

Some things you just can’t reason with and ‘like and dislike’ is often one of them.

I repeated standard Catholic objections to Anglicanism including Anglo-Catholicism and was attacked for it. I used Thomas Day’s ideas to criticise mainstream RCs, repeating many ACs’ valid points, and was called a snob and anti-Irish, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. I praised and respected a kind of macho man different from me (Slavs in upstate Pennsylvania) and was baited with gay innuendo. I defended one of 20th-century history’s most maligned figures — Ian Smith, or Rhodesia proveably was not racially based like South Africa; of course I knew that would get heat — and was called a race-baiter.

One has the right not to like me of course but — 70 × 7 ad hominems, including unsigned ones, later, with no apologies — I decided not to waste any more time arguing about nothing more than this person’s dislike.

A while back I wrote to the offender: start your own blog and goodbye.

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