Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A boomer/SWPL fantasy or a parody?
Hard to tell. Peace parks are a fine idea and I’m with him up to the Eisenhower quotation:
Some day the people are going to want peace so much that their governments will have to get out of the way and let them have it.
But can you see where he gives the game away?
Prosecute anyone or any nation that wages aggressive war against another.

No more offshore drilling since the disaster in the Gulf. Strict defense of endangered species. An end to logging in old-growth forests. There’s a hard ban on killing whales. Japan and Norway have actually shut down their fleets and dismantled their exploding harpoons. And the world’s rain forests are being preserved.
Tra la la.

Now who would be doing the prosecuting? Who would enforce all these hard bans and other lefty-utopian laws? That’s right: an a-r-m-y with g-u-n-s and b-o-m-b-s. In this old liberal’s dream world his side, his holy mother the state, would have all the weapons.
The Navy’s been prevented from using sonar because it affects the hearing of marine mammals.
Chortle. First, the Navy is a fighting force (see above on one side having all that) and second, one that’s this soft and PC would be fairly useless as one.

Also see why I’m not a pacifist. Neither is he but he almost doesn’t let on.

Unless he’s pulling our legs and this is tasty satire.

The sort of thing that would make The Onion’s readers misty and Cracked’s rightly, heartily laugh their asses off.

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