Monday, June 21, 2010

Ecumenism then and now
When there was a biretta belt, people cared about union or not with the Presbyterians, the mainline, for good or ill, mattered and despite its heresies it still drew from Catholic theological capital (agreeing certain things were scandalous sins and not ‘affirming’ them). I knew that Bishop Manning in New York, not an Anglo-Catholic but friendly to them, led the opposition to the proposed 1940s merger but didn’t know of Bishop Conkling, ‘liberal’ but not by 2010 standards; more Catholic.

I’ve been told that some bishops similarly were blackmailed in 1976 (but in Bishop Conkling’s case it seems to have been revenge after the merger was scuttled).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr Tighe knows the facts about Bishop Conkling and shares them in the combox.

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