Thursday, June 10, 2010

From RR
  • Publishing company puts warning label on Constitution.
  • Doctors seek probe of alleged torture experiments. How many think this story will go down the memory hole drowned out by ‘Idol’ and ‘Glee’?
  • The Gaza ghetto.
  • Nasty effects of egalitarianism. Essentially the old criticism of Communism: there’s no incentive to do well.
  • A left-libertarian on morals. Not objectively right but that’s none of the state’s business. We’re talking about something workable for people with differing moral beliefs: do no harm which means not initiating force.
  • Conservatives and feminists. Fair play? (Want a career?) No problem. (Taking into account the real reasons for differing wages.) Palin may not be a particularly good spokeswoman for conservative feminism. Earlier this year, when giving a talk on politics and women’s issues at a conservative Christian college, I found that most women were disappointed in Palin, seeing her as ill-informed and lacking in ideas. True. Just another neocon shill at the end of the day. The audience for a different kind of feminism — one that seeks individualistic and market-oriented solutions, rather than big-government-driven ones, and focuses on women’s empowerment rather than oppression — is clearly there. There’s also the matter of marketing more wage slavery (and the trap that more wives have to have outside jobs) as women’s empowerment.
  • One more on the outrage over Helen Thomas.
  • Rewriting history. The Associated Press’ Washington bureau chief, Ron Fournier, advances the notion that America was “founded on the principle of trust” in government and elected leaders. Now, it seems to me — and I might be reaching here — that the Founders felt just the opposite: that individual life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness were the principles worth fighting and dying for against the imperial British government.

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