Thursday, June 10, 2010

From Stephen Hand
  • Video: Gaza is an Israeli concentration camp.
  • One of the reasons I insist on referring to America’s “planetary wars” as opposed to our so-called “war on terrorism” (or whatever euphemisms Mr. Obama uses these days) is that we must know it is precisely aggression and occupation which provokes blowback, making it all but inevitable, as though it were useful to US empire. With everyone else I absolutely condemn all forms of violence, including this blowback; but are we serious or not about ending it? We almost seem to invite it, by either our ignorance (could that really be?) or malice. It is justice which will work to turn back blowback by removing its root causes as Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Pat Buchanan and Chalmers Johnson, among so many others, have said so often.
  • Key signs of a new depression.
  • The Daily Caller pointed out that Helen Thomas (a Christian woman of Lebanese descent) has “won virtually every award in journalism short of the Pulitzer, including many (from the Asian American Journalists Association, for instance) that seem to have been invented specifically for her”. She has been a critic of American planetary wars under Bush (angering the Right) and Barack Obama (angering the Left).
  • From an historical perspective it is interesting that for thousands of years many Sephardic Jews, who are actually a Semitic people like the Arabs and tend to be dark-skinned and dark-eyed, lived in relative peace, side-by-side with Arab communities, and were allowed freedom of movement within what was left of the Ottoman Empire. Many Arabs attribute the troubles of today with the mass immigration of non-indigenous Ashkenazi (German Jews) and the establishment of a state in which Judaism is the official religion. A Hamas militant, upon seeing a Star of David on a relief worker recently, declared what one hears over and over, that their quarrel is not with Judaism but with Zionism...
  • For many, ‘recovery’ means lower expectations.

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