Thursday, June 17, 2010

From Steve Sailer
  • Why it’s OK to believe his theories (some ethnic groups on average are not as smart as others), grounds for being kicked out of polite society: because here he seems to admit that race is not determinative. Of course there are smart non-Asian minority people. If he means that and is not being sarcastic, well and good.
  • Why I agree with the mainstream that his and VDARE’s solution is racist. Because it treats race as determinative: write the law to keep people who might be inferior out of the country, never mind the right of the smart NAM person to real equal opportunity.
  • My answer: again meritocracy or a version of what here he calls the conservative approach to education. Be bright enough and work hard; we don’t care what colour you are. If you happen to end up with a white majority on that job, so what? As long as race is not the criterion either way, it’s none of the state’s business. An orthodox libertarian like von Mises would say go ahead and discriminate: turn down people’s business and by so doing eventually shut yourself down.
  • Then there’s the point he, the Anti-Gnostic and others make: much white posturing on race is really a power/class war between white groups; the rich, high-IQ élite who don’t have to send their kids to ghetto schools look down on those who do and want to replace them with other people.
  • The Bilderbergers are an invitation-only group of rich and powerful people who have been getting together secretly in expensive hotels since 1954 to discuss how to make the world a better place for rich and powerful people.

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