Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It used to be that men with ordinary intelligence and average skills could make a decent living
... if they were honest, had a strong work ethic, and had a desire to master their trade. But the blue-collar “masculine” jobs today — mechanics, construction workers, machinists, press operators, etc. — pay very little and are inherently unstable. Other jobs once staffed by men — office clerks, writers and journalists, factory workers, purchasing agents, draftsmen, contract administrators, etc. — are increasingly filled by women.
Or they’re outsourced abroad. My teachers say protectionism is bad but I understand. Also there’s the matter (the Soviets did it too) of marketing more wage slavery (something people are really forced to do for survival: the wife has to work outside the home not because she wants to) as female empowerment.
Jobs which are today capable of decently supporting a family require high intelligence, extraordinary skills, and what is more often the case, unscrupulous ambition.
But at least in some circles it was always so. For example ‘Mad Men’ is based partly on fact: men who lied for a living.

From Jeff Culbreath.

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