Thursday, June 17, 2010

Liberal clericalism
At Derek’s, Paul Goings calls them on it: a trendy minister might show off for other clergy and upper-middle-class folk by knowingly giving Communion to the unbaptised but how many of them take that to its logical end and talk themselves out of a job? This stuff appeals to boomers, who lost their faith but were raised with the 1950s-early 1960s habit of churchgoing so they remade churchgoing in their own image. The kids either come to the conclusion from that and don’t go or a minority of them look orthodoxwards and eventually Catholicwards. The Protestants think we’re clericalists but as Fr George Rutler says we’re sacerdotalists:
In a world of rusty and broken clericalisms, he [the Curé d’Ars] restored a shining sacerdotalism; if a clericalist is a man who uses the priesthood, a sacerdotalist is a man who is used by the priesthood. And thus the hierarchical constitution of the Church is a bureaucratic artifact to the clericalist, while it is charismatic to the priest. The clericalist pursues a career of which mediocrity is the safeguard, while the sacerdotalist pursues a mission of which ardent love is the token. Consequently, the priestly soul is in the world but not of it, as the clericalist caste is of the world but not in it.

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