Friday, June 11, 2010

Patrimony: the Anglican Service Book
The work of a sometime curate locally (at Good Shepherd, Rosemont), it’s now out of print but online for your partial perusal (hooray for Google) and Fr Alford is now Orthodox. (In the great tradition of Anglo-Catholicism it’s not an official Anglican book but a parish labour of love.) Interesting to compare to the RC Anglican Use’s Book of Divine Worship, another 1979-based hybrid, and the arguably better (no 1960s-1970s modernising) Antiochian Orthodox services based on biretta-belt practice (American Missal — 1928 fitted into the structure of the traditional Mass — and 1928-based offices).

It’s a relatively sturdy, handsome book, just like a pew BCP.

From John J. O’Sullivan.

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