Thursday, June 17, 2010

Perfeshnul Edjamakayshkun takes aim at another Grave Threat™ to the health and happiness of Young People.™ Best friends.
As with much in political correctness I see a caricature of something in Catholicism: the warnings in monastic life against ‘particular friendships’ disrupting community life. Pulled out of context this seems sinister: the state wants no competition for your children’s affection. From the MCJ.

Reminds me of what Butler Shaffer wrote at LRC (cue Helen Lovejoy soundbite):
A few days ago, I participated in a “focus” group directed by a politically correct “liberal” organization. Each of us was asked to make a brief statement about five politically oriented groups. One of them was UNICEF. My statement was that it is “an international organization that uses children as an excuse for the expansion of governmental power; that whenever legislation is proposed to ‘help the children,’ you should run.” A woman sitting next to me — and who works for a state bureaucracy to “help” children — responded: “But that’s the work I do.” I replied: “Then you know what I mean.”

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