Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two media fighting to survive
Today I recorded the last parts of a video to do with history and religion — the town’s old Protestant cemetery has the long-lost grave of the town’s first woman schoolteacher in the 1800s, and the ELCA pastor whose church has the cemetery did a nice dedication ceremony (with new headstone) complete with blessings in the name of the Trinity. Anyway I was doing this when one of the local TV news cameramen was right next to me (nice young fellow who tried mostly successfully to stay out of my shot). Guess who’ll have the story up tonight? We would have done if our online editor were here today. So I was scooped. This is a death match: TV’s still king but the ’Net will be soon, and we’re competing head to head now. (Our little newspapers will be history in a few years.) Got to get cracking.

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