Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Was the Phoenix case one of double effect?
An emergency abortion to save the woman’s life — extremely rare especially with today’s medical knowledge (IIRC Ron Paul, an obstetrician, has never seen such a case) — was legal back in the good old days.
Maybe I am being a little obtuse, but it seems to me that, if the mother dies because her medical condition is left untreated, then the child will likely die, too. The choice then is not between preserving the life of a mother or of the child, but between preserving the life of the mother, or letting both mother and child die.
Which is how I feel.

That said, as commenters here have told me, the church says you may never directly abort. Life-saving treatments with the side effect of abortion come under double effect, they say, but not this, which seems the Bishop of Phoenix’s point. I said hooray before because I thought anything that upset the liberals that much had to be good.

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