Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who shot JFK and RFK and why?
By now of course everybody knows the official versions are lies but I don’t know who or why. (Arguably the Mafia wanted them dead for turning on them.) It’s nice to think as Joshua does that JFK was returning to his sensible America First roots and was about to quit Vietnam but my guess is Johnson (even though he and JFK despised each other) simply continued his policies as a liberal crusader/Cold Warrior. The Tonkin Gulf ruse still would have happened and Bill Moyers’ ‘daisy’ smear ad still would have helped a Dem landslide that year but the Dem still would have lost to Nixon in ’68. Nothing would have changed except a certain pseudo-martyrology would be missing from the national myth (which regarding the glamour of that family was largely a PR myth created by the elder Kennedy anyway). BTW I’m still reading Bobby and J. Edgar; the latter may have been a faker regarding fighting crime but he was a better civil libertarian than many think (he opposed interning Japanese-Americans for example). From LRC.

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