Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Chap Olympiad

Like America has its golden age, the ’50s (riding the wave of WWII), remembered both cheesily (not the real thing) and à la ‘Mad Men’, England has the ’20s (the last years of empire before WWII killed it): Brideshead Revisited, Merchant-Ivory (who weren’t English but anyway), Anglo-Catholicism (enjoy the new, more grown-up page replacing 10-year-old Web stuff and if you are so moved, please help me by buying a few things... and hooray for patrimony), Patrick & Eugene (channelling Noël Coward) and the original young fogeys. (Not to be confused with most of modern Britain, neither dapper nor religious.) They meet at the Fedora Lounge, appropriately enough, around the ’40s. Among things in common besides almost a common language: hats. Spiffing! Photo gallery.

From Fr L.

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