Monday, July 05, 2010

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  • Men and women on emotions.
  • How not to protest. Why years ago I gave up on lefty street marches for peace. (Old Commie leftovers, 20-year-olds calling themselves Leninists and ‘Free Mumia’ idiocy.)

    ‘Thanks but no.’ — Hamas

    In February of 2009, a group of politically minded and painfully optimistic university students occupied the NYU food court with a list of demands as convoluted as they were absurd. The demands ranged from a complete record of University expenditures including teacher and administration salaries to an in-depth investigation of all war and genocide profiteers in Palestine. For anyone unfamiliar with geopolitics, that’s the equivalent of a child holding his breath until a parent is willing to free Tibet. The students brought cameras to the revolt in anticipation, and possibly even hope that they would be forcibly removed from the food court by police. Unfortunately, the video they captured does nothing but reveal how ill-prepared, self-entitled and ridiculous they were. At one point the videographer attempts to chase down an apathetic campus safety officer while screaming, “Do not use brutality!”

More detrimental to future protests than the invention of rubber bullets.

Just as boneheaded but more fun.

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