Friday, July 23, 2010

From Hilary
  • Stop having ‘casual partners’. Stop. You’re going to die. You’d think that an homosexualist lobby group would be alive to the negative connotations of a name like ‘Outhouse’. I’ll spare you the link.
  • Oh, yeah? Tolerate this.
  • The EU isn’t a Real Thing. It does not concern itself with The Real. It is a body wholly dedicated to the Fantasy that there is (or could be if we just wish hard enough) this state called ‘Europe’ where everyone will live in peace and socialist harmony.
  • Damian is doing a good job keeping track of the blossoming of anti-Catholic bigotry in the build-up to the pope’s visit to Old Blighty. Hands up everyone who thought this papal visit was going to go well... anyone? Bueller?

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