Friday, July 23, 2010

From Joshua
  • On the military and heroes. Again I’m not a pacifist but good points, ones Astore says men who’ve been in combat would agree with (also they tend not to talk about it).
  • The US government, specifically the US military, where the worst of red-state fascism and political correctness come together, or the establishment right and left are Punch and Judy on the hands of the same guy. Like Gen. ‘It’s fun to shoot ragheads and anyway we’re defending women’ Mattis. Play to the right’s chivalry and the left’s self-righteous meddlesomeness.
  • TAC on Obama’s war. More on Mattis and bombing Muslims only p*sses them off. How about quitting all those bases on their holy ground, not propping up Israel any more and returning the military to its true mission of defending people at home? All that stuff bin Laden was talking about. Then get bin Laden for killing nearly 3,000 of our people on our turf.
  • Hooray for cassocks. Tat’s not everything, and as I think Evelyn Waugh wrote, the Protestants can put that on (thus looking like us and RC liberals don’t) like they can maintain from before the ‘Reformation’ or later adopt our beliefs about creed and sacrament, leaving off the bit about an infallible church, but it matters.

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