Thursday, July 29, 2010

From @TAC
  • Is Pakistan killing our troops?
  • The answer is right in front of you. Perhaps if the Left can cross the Rubicon and start believing they can make more of a difference at the courthouse, rather than continually organizing marches on Washington D.C. – or thinking that they someday will control the center (which they won’t) – they might find it more productive and rewarding and also be joined by libertarians and conservatives who feel the same way. Then we can truly have a two-party system pitting the center of power against everyone else.
  • Wikileaks and our weak-kneed Congress except Kucinich and Paul.
  • Courage at 10 Downing. Britain’s newly elected Conservative prime minister, David Cameron, has just described Gaza – under Israel’s control – as an open air “prison camp”, and sharply criticized Israel’s attack on the Turkish organized humanitarian-aid flotilla. Who will be the first neocon to complain about British “surrender monkeys”? First commenter to guess correctly wins a small prize.
  • Reading the tea leaves. So much potential but the red-state fascism is a problem. A lion’s share of GOP congresspeople with Tea Party ties signed on to an idiotic resolution endorsing an Israeli military strike on Iran.
  • If certain Tea Partiers and Tea Party groups have come under fire for alleged racism, it may be due to the fact they’ve couched their opposition to the Obama Administration personally. They don’t just oppose the Administration, they oppose the man himself. This is what happens when persons, especially on the Right, still believe in the Cult of the Presidency.

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