Saturday, July 31, 2010

The futility of modern politics? Also, Italian vs Mexican folk magic.
Henry Karlson:
Modernity has made it seem as everyone must be into politics, and if you are not, you are “ducking the relevant issues.” However, for most of history, most people were not connected to politics in any major way — they were free to be their own person, to pursue their own proper place in the world and let the politicians deal with politics. Democratic states create the illusion that one’s political activity means something and so everyone must be active in politics or one is not doing one’s duty – in this way, politics has become a religious obligation, and a state religion. But as de Maistre among others show, this spectacle is ridiculous because it is based upon ideologies which are self-contradictory — when mobs rule, the individual is sucked up anyway.

I do know the rise of political activism has come hand in hand with the decrease in the general public’s connection with Catholicism. The state has its calendar – it becomes more important than the ecclesial ones with its festivals. The state has its laws – which become more important than canon law. The state has its leaders – who are seen as more important than ecclesial leaders. The state has its ideals – which are read into the church’s. The dream the positivists have of state religion is true, and I would say the bread and circuses (sports) are a part of the state religion too — it’s the folk aspect of it.
To some people’s pain I won’t stop blogging but this makes me feel better still about staying home in November 2008 (Ron Paul said not to write him in).

From Arturo.

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