Sunday, July 25, 2010

Orthodox Anglicans urged to hold fast to sound teaching
On one hand, wonderful. On the other, for fairness’ sake this non-clobbering Catholic wants to parse this.
  • Orthodox. It’s great that they happen to agree with us on the creeds and most morals (what about contraception and multiple divorce and remarriage?). But their system (general synod/convention), just like the liberals’, is like a legislature without a constitution checking its power. (Catholicism has a constitution with no repeals: doctrine.) Everything, including what they say scripture says, that is, what’s orthodox, is subject to change by majority vote; the liberals are only farther down a certain path by following this same logic. In a word, Protestant.
  • Anglican. That means ‘recognised as such by the Church of England’ usually in the form of the Lambeth Conference so I don’t think CANA qualifies; the Episcopalians for example do. Much of this fight seems over which side’s bishops will get to meet the Queen every 10 years; like the Commonwealth an emotional/social-status substitute for the British Empire that the British aren’t even that interested in.

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