Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Patrimony: Anglo culture is...
From the British libertarian blogger ‘Tom Paine’ via ‘Nevski’:
... a culture of tolerance, mutual respect, and good humour. A culture which involves profound affection and respect for the language, history, literature and peoples of these (Anglo-Celt) islands (and their colonies). A culture which includes the works of some of the greatest dramatists, novelists and poets the world has ever known. A culture open to new influences while firmly rooted in the history of European Christendom. A culture steeped in the concepts and traditions of the English Common Law. A culture which embraces a spirit of fair play. A culture which involves freedom of speech and thought, and a robustly contemptuous view of all those small-minded individuals who would seek to limit that freedom. A culture which respects its traditions of thought sufficiently NOT to pervert language in order to turn a phrase like “celebrating difference” into a euphemism for “submitting to intolerance”. A culture which is rich and multidimensional and which can neither be defined in few words in a comment box, nor dismissed with a knee-jerk, thoughtless, rant by some semi-educated leftist about “colonialism” and “racism”.
He might have added how the King James Bible and the pre-1970s BCP were models of sacral Christian speech.
Oh, yes. Sonorous, reverent prose, yes; heresy, no, goodbye to all that.

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