Sunday, August 29, 2010

Пречистому образу твоему покланяемся, благий...
We bow before thy most pure image, O Good One, and ask forgiveness of our transgressions, O Christ God. Of thine own will thou wast pleased to ascend the cross in the flesh to deliver thy creatures from bondage to the Enemy. Therefore with thanksgiving we cry aloud to thee: thou hast filled all with joy, O our Saviour, by coming to save the world.
Today’s troparion is also one of the prayers the priest says before going into the sanctuary for the first time in a day, saying it of course in front of the Christ icon on the screen in front of the altar.

I have the image above.

BTW I think the Shroud of Turin is at least a mediæval miracle; there’s no way a forger could have pulled it off.

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