Sunday, August 22, 2010

Characters: religious satire that might not s*ck
After Fr L’s vicar (the Revd Humphrey Blytherington), Mantilla the Hon, Caitlin O’Rourke, Todd Unctuous, Fr Peregrine Clairemont (for the kind of fellow high churchman he hates) et al., and the Catholic Fascist, who seem on target about the foibles of American trads and neocons (but I’m starting to agree with Joshua and Mark they’re becoming more hostile and less funny), three of my ideas (now that the charismatic movement isn’t around any more really to make fun of, kidding, and I listen to critics, however nasty, so for the most part I don’t write about Anglican internal matters any more):
  • Barsanuphius (formerly Bob) Jones, the online Orthodox. ‘Blah blah, an icon, blah blah, church-father quotation, blah blah, phronema, blah blah, noetic, blah blah, theosis, blah blah, support our troops, blah blah, ecumenists, blah blah, graceless heretics, blah blah, see how un-Roman I am, blah blah, my spiritual father says, blah blah, I’m fasting.’ Blogs/screen names: formerly JesusIsAwesomeDude, now WeHaveSeenTheTrueLight, in a couple of years OrthodoxiaEThanatos, Resist! and after that either AtheistBurnout or JihadJamal.
  • Fr LePew, the ex-SSPX sedevacantist, your source for the real info on the Jews’ and Freemasons’ conspiracies who thinks the Catholic Fascist are crypto-Protestants because they’re so, sniff, americain.
  • For continental and Latin-American reformed religion and right-wing politics there’s the Legion of Opus Jesu, ‘a new ecclesial movement in which our beloved Padre Fundador, the Servant of God María José Jimenez, anticipated Vatican II’s call for active lay involvement, much praised by John Paul the Great’ and benefiting Padre Nuestro’s wives, boyfriends and children in several countries (‘but we don’t talk about that’). ‘Buy Our Father’s books; all proceeds go to fast-track his canonisation. As Our Father used to say, “Cuando la moneda en nuestra caja suena, del purgatorio el alma vuela”.’

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