Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Common sense about Cordoba House but...
Scroll down to ‘Anti-Cordoba Center talk “lunacy”’:
The United States currently has troops in at least five Muslim countries, with over a hundred thousand soldiers — if you include private contractors — in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have military bases in at least seven Muslim countries, and are blanketing that part of the world with aircraft carriers, battleships, nuclear submarines, stealth bombers, helicopters, satellites and CIA agents. We’ve overthrown their leaders and publicly hanged them. At our leisure, we employ drones to assassinate Muslims on a daily basis, occasionally wiping out entire wedding parties or villages. The United States has been interfering in that region since long before 9/11. By contrast, as far as I know, no Muslim country has troops in Canada or Mexico...
He had me until he started about all Republicans being gun-toting racists.

Also (scroll down more) Mr Pino’s spot-on about this (‘Fine with mosque being built’).

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