Thursday, August 26, 2010

From Ad Orientem
  • Orthodox schemanuns, their strictest form of nuns. The one wearing the crucifix just like a Russian priest is not a schemanun but an abbess.
  • The down side of the trad world: a rather gloomy place full of dark conspiracy theories about Freemasons, Jews, Communists, invalid masses and the like. And like our Old Calendarists it is a movement that is forever fragmenting with ever crazier groups out there including sedevacantists and antipopes. Yes, you’re looking for something sane and an explanation for what happened and end up in a cult that’s not really the Catholic Church. As opposed to something like normal parish life around 1962 you can find among Slavs in upstate Pennsylvania.
  • People I’d probably like being in a coalition with: Modern Whigs.

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