Thursday, August 26, 2010

From Joshua
  • Byrd’s Ave verum corpus by the Tallis Scholars. Polyphony: like chant a music of worship and unlike opera not a worship of music or music getting in the way of worship. I understand he was an interesting type in his period of English history: while most villagers were literally forced into being what Christopher Haigh calls (and writes: his use of lowercase differs from mine) parish anglicans (accepting the new religion but treating it like the old; that is, they remained mediæval Catholics at heart but not outwardly) and there were committed radical Protestants (Puritans) and rich Catholics who could afford to pay off the cops (fines etc.) and practise in peace, he was probably one of the Church Papists, Catholics who outwardly conformed to Anglicanism most of the time and would nip off to confession and Mass occasionally with the recusants’ underground church (which was martyred). (Vicars and parishes remained crypto-Catholic into the 1580s.)
  • Hunting and gathering doesn’t change; it just gets more expensive.
  • Hyperinflation.
  • A kind of memorial: the blogs the dead leave behind.
  • Our enemy Israel.

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