Friday, August 27, 2010

From Joshua
  • Contraception: two anniversaries. The slightly arrogant so-con neocon finger-waggers at NOR get it half-right. The idea that if you feel you ‘need protection’ you have no right to do what you want here is not peculiarly RC as modern society would have it; it’s simply Christian and most churches have dropped the ball. Unsurprisingly Anglicanism (nobody tells the king who he can’t sleep with, or Erastianism has been its core all along, plus it’s been twisting in the wind since the ‘Enlightenment’) was the first to cave but surprisingly as recently as 1908, simply mirroring a more orthodox society, it strenuously objected to the practice. Also surprising, conservative T.S. Eliot, who famously declared himself an Anglo-Catholic (a 19th-century back-to-basics reaction against the twisting) back when people knew and cared what he was talking about, waffled on this (putting him only jump removed from the revisionists today); less surprising, old-time middle-of-the-roader C.S. Lewis did. Here’s where NOR gets it wrong. Beyond the no-harm principle the government has no business socially engineering left or right. It’s the churches’ place to say it’s wrong; the government’s to defend people’s right to be wrong (yes, privacy) within the bounds of that principle.
  • Here NOR shoots and scores! Back in Eliot’s and Lewis’s day the liberal Protestant clergy were all for progress against those backward Catholics, being very keen on, sieg heil, eugenics. They were hawks too (wanting to fight WWI for progress’ sake) back when fundies, as recently as 1936, were doves.
  • Galileo. The Bible does not teach science. Part of the beauty of Catholic theology is it works whether the earth revolves around the sun or not.
  • Austrians vs distributists. The Ordinary Magisterium, under which the Papal Encyclicals to which the Distributivists constantly refer, is as far as I know, fallible. Also, they tend to be written in a way that leaves much room for interpretation. For example helping the poor (corporal work of mercy) is an imperative of the gospel; the political means to do so is open. Or economics is science and the church doesn’t teach science.
  • Orestes Brownson: the rule of law and the law of nature.
  • The political education of Andrew Bacevich.
  • If aggressor nations are to be bombed, why not the US?

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