Friday, August 27, 2010

From LRC
  • Gatto on the real history of state schools. Mass schooling of the young by force was a creation of the four great coal powers of the nineteenth century and social engineering that combined characteristics of the cotton mill and the railroad with those of a state prison fuelled by philosophical visions approaching religious exaltation in intensity – that effective early indoctrination of all children would lead to an orderly scientific society, one controlled by the best people, now freed from the obsolete straitjacket of democratic traditions and historic American libertarian attitudes. Sounds like what I understand Ayn Rand was on about. And the sort of thing Matt Groening to his credit satirises all the time with Springfield Elementary on ‘The Simpsons’.
  • Raico on classical liberalism. Always worth a read.
  • I admit I’m not prepared other than trying to be frugal but here are 10 ways to get ready for the economic collapse.
  • Jim Rogers: ‘we never got out of the first recession’ and there’ll likely be another in 2012. End the Fed and take a meat-axe to taxes and spending (Keynes is crap) like Ron Paul wants to do.
  • How to get a haircut. I like barbershops but 12 years ago, after my Italian-born barber with a ‘you’ve stepped back in time’ shop died, I gave up, got a clipper with clip-on combs and barber scissors and haven’t looked back (save once: went to a nice traditional barber and obviously again didn’t like the result). I miss the shop but it saves money and I like the result.

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