Monday, August 23, 2010

From LRC
  • Ron Paul: stop demagoguing the mosque. Which would not really be a mosque but the equivalent of a Y for some nice immigrants nothing to do with hijacking planes and killing 3,000 people (inexcusable even though our foreign policy caused it, as I realised when I learnt it wasn’t a Cessna hitting the WTC accidentally). Illustration from Fr Methodius.
  • Map: the holy ground of zero.
  • Those Israelis again: rewriting Wikipedia.
  • Bye, bye, American middle class. The golden age celebrated in ‘Mad Men’ (postwar prosperity + residual old values and æsthetics) is slipping away as we revert to the world baseline of a few very rich and lots of very poor.
  • Oswald’s handlers. I believe my old editor that he was an American agent not a lone Communist. But who was he working for? I think the Mafia wanted both Kennedys dead. The Mob obviously took care of Oswald, making sure he’d go down in history as the assassin.

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