Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From Mark Shea
  • Modernist religiosity pwned. Local RC, mainline, boomer, swipple; it still works.
  • Popular non sequiturs. Like ‘the Pope’s fallible but he has the power to make all the changes we want’.
  • For somebody who styles himself a “Protestant apologist” to maintain, with a straight face, that the Eastern churches were more or less a collection of storefront churches with KJV preachin’, big hair, overhead projectors and no, absolutely no, sacraments, smells or bells until Rome infected them... that’s just milk-out-the-nose funny. It was sort of the other way round, Stuart Koehl told me. Around the nadir of the Dark Ages, when the Diocese of Rome itself seemed about to go under (corruption and irreligion), France came to the rescue. There was the Cluniac reform (St Bernard: the monks saved Western civilisation) and the terse, austere Roman Rite (why the collects are often so curt) got a transfusion from the more flowery Gallican Rite, a Latin but non-Roman one, which in turn had been influenced by the Eastern rites. That seems to explain the family resemblance of the Tridentine Mass (only a slightly edited mediæval Mass) and the Eastern liturgies (the Byzantine reached its final form in the late Middle Ages like the Roman).

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