Monday, August 30, 2010

From Roissy
Standard disclaimer: raunchy style. He tells truths most are too nice to say: 1. Women are as evil as men. 2. Sex is fun. (About the only point he and mainstream society agree on.) 3. Forget trying to be nice with feminism and political correctness; women parrot that but really like men stronger than them, end of story.
  • The limits on hypergamy.
  • Cougars are make-believe TV characters. Many cougars have argued that since they are modern women with financial independence, they are free to pursue younger men for their looks alone. But this runs into two problems that are perfectly predicted by evolutionary psychologists; one, younger men don’t want them, and two, cougars, no matter their own economic independence, remain more attracted to older men with means, just as they did when they were younger and poorer. It seems the hindbrain which governs our sexual impulses is largely impervious to cultural shifts in mating market variables.

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