Thursday, August 19, 2010

From RR
  • Last US full combat brigade quits Iraq. About time. It’s a start.
  • C.S. Lewis wasn’t a statist.
  • Our local school-spycam (spying on kids at home) case: feds don’t press charges. The judge in the civil suit ordered them to stop and that was it.
  • On blaming British boomers. I saw the irony 10 years ago of American ones pushing the un-American idea of state-school uniforms, or as Mark Shea says, abandon natural law and real responsibility and you get little laws for little people (speech codes etc.), the (broadly speaking) ex-Calvinist Swipples’ substitute for religion.
  • The left’s good intentions and their blowback, a libertarian standard: hike the minimum wage and wipe out jobs.
  • Another libertarian plank: decriminalise drugs. It was all legal in 1900 and the world didn’t fall apart. Prohibition doesn’t work and — more blowback — only boosts crime.
  • Down on the upside, or answering the nostalgia that I too fall into. An answer comes from both the ’50s and the late Brian Brindley: anti- or at least un-modernity but pro-technology. (’50s: un-modern values and great style but loving the newest gadgets. Of course the modern values were long there, among the élite, and eventually took over the mainstream: the ’70s.)
  • The beginning of the end of empire.

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