Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It is not the job of the state to repress religious error
John Zmirak:
There are many Catholics out there who are willing to join libertarians in the fight against an intolerant secular state, mouthing slogans about individual rights and the dangers of bureaucracy. But put a few glasses of Jameson’s into them, and they admit that what they really object to isn’t the bureaucracy or the intolerance, but the godless program it is promoting. It isn’t the use of the whip that offends them; it’s the fact that we aren’t wielding it.

We should willingly renounce what the Church has renounced, and move on into the future — one where the freedom and dignity of each human being has a permanent claim against any repressive state, however redemptive its intentions.

The minimalistic libertarian state is a rare and fragile thing, no sooner achieved than it is abused. Secularists are no better — and are frequently worse — than true believers when it comes to asking for liberty while they are weak, then seizing the power of the state to become (in Stalin’s phrase) the “engineer of human souls.” There is something in fallen human nature that will not be content with defending one’s rights, practicing charity, and otherwise minding one’s business. Cries for liberty and tolerance all too often are simply weapons in the hands of the weak — which, once they’re strong, they will gladly trade for a whip.
Secular is good. Secularist not.

From Joshua.

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