Monday, August 30, 2010

A last word for now on an Anglican story, and a patrimonial blog split
  • Clem’s and the bishop. I understand but he still ought to retire.
  • Fr Chadwick and The Anglo-Catholic part ways. I admit I’m not clear why but ISTM there’s a difference of opinion whether TAC will be received corporately or if Rome will start the ordinariates from scratch and TAC will have to get in the queue with everybody else. I think the latter. It’s as close to corporate reunion as you’ll get; don’t look a gift horse in the mouth even though of course there are liberal RCs gunning for you.

    I think Anglicanorum Cœtibus was written mainly to the Anglo-Papalists in the C of E (FiF) — literally to ‘Groups of Anglicans — and not to TAC though of course TAC is perfectly welcome.

    IMO an American ordinariate would be mostly ex-TAC priests and not many laity, ‘the kind of people in the RC Anglican Use now’ as Fr C says. That means the AU will get a couple more American parishes, in the teeth of the liberal American bishops, and that’s it. It will be like the effect of Summorum Pontificum for the foreseeable future: pretty good in a couple of places but not nearly enough. American lay Continuers are not interested in being RCs; they’re like Bishop Grafton believing in their version of Anglicanism. There may be one other contingent coming in, my source tells me. All I may say is they’re not Episcopalians.

    The TAC corporate-reunion camp might also hope that Rome would grandfather in (dispense) the few former RC clergy they have. No. Theologically Rome can — it’s only a rule not doctrine — but to keep discipline it won’t, as the Apostolic Constitution clearly says.

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