Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mark Shea on Obama-haters
Let me say that Tea Partiers, Beck watchers, and other hysterics would be better served if they just analyzed what Obama said and did, rather than imagining they can somehow divine the gnostic inner truth of the man from rumors, mist, and emotionalism. He’s dangerous and incompetent enough as it is. Don’t borrow trouble by believing whatever self-contradictory rubbish comes to hand just to shout him down. The country doesn’t need crazy demagogues to fight Nanny State Elitists.
My take on the man, whom I’ve experienced in person: a personally pleasant run-of-the-mill statist interventionist, fashionably leftist like the big businesses his office/government is enmeshed with, another very educated agnostic Swipple yuppie who’s not black but, thanks to resembling blacks because of his absent foreign father, wishes he were and uses the resemblance politically also because politically he has to. Before I knew of his parentage I thought his name was from a Muslim conversion like several famous blacks (some athletes for example). Now that I have a little learning about Islam I understand technically he is a Muslim (thanks to his born-Muslim father, and they don’t recognise people’s leaving, like his father did, or converting, as he did becoming a liberal Protestant for political and emotional reasons years ago), which is at most interesting trivia like the late Linda McCartney’s children are technically Jews. Also I think like George W. Bush his personal life (marriage) is probably entirely above-board, squeaky-clean (he’s no Jack Kennedy or Bill Clinton).

When I see this picture of him as a child seeming to awkwardly, desperately grab the hand of the father who abandoned him I think I feel his pain.

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