Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Patrimonial/ordinariate stuff
  • Talking to Michael LaRue.
  • Brother Stephen on English Catholics and Anglo-Papalists.
  • Some realism from Hilary: Yep. Anglicans are coming into the Church in tens. Tens of tens!
  • Again the policy on reporting on Anglicanism I try to follow (here at the Infallible Sportsmen’s Club and Pierogi Festival at St Anonymous Hall in Cuyanockahoxomokin, Pa.) is: stick to the weather and everybody’s health history, Anglo-Catholic liturgy, patrimony (AC religious culture), the ordinariates, Western Rite Orthodoxy, the principle of infallible vs fallible church (the one apologetical point here, like the scope of the Pope is between Rome and the Eastern churches), and defending the rights of all religions, left and right, to govern themselves and to their property. I might post some big news like one of their churches voting to turn unitarian (leave Christianity), which is rather unlikely.

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