Sunday, August 22, 2010

  • Photo: ’50s American Orthodoxy and Greek Catholicism. St John the Baptist Romanian Catholic Church, Detroit. From here via AMM.
  • Retire the ‘New’ American Bible, please. I don’t have one, use and hear a foreign liturgical language and the King James idiom in church, and read Coverdale and British Catholic RSV (which has a lot of King James in it) at home.
  • ‘The Pope is not gay.’ Colm Tóibín (I think pronounced collum tobeen) and Andrew Sullivan (ISTM an intelligent, worthy debating opponent whose blog I’ve recently caught up with). Related to the Irish abuse/underage-gay débàcle and gay Anglo-Catholics (the kind of high churchman the often worthwhile, and himself high-church, Fr L nastily doesn’t like). ISTM some are trying to ‘out’ him or at least spread rumours, itself fitting a stereotype of gays imitating the worst female behaviour. My source for these: Disagreeable reading, especially in its tone. From “Thinking Anglicans,” which appears to specialize in this sort of thing. (And, btw, Sullivan’s speculations about the pope, if true, esp. about the nature of his theological reflections and their source, strike me as a great credit to him, the pope, and a possible indication of heroic virtue and sanctity rather than otherwise — but for Sullivan, of course, the one thing necessary seems to be acceptance of “the real world” as it is.) Exactly. We don’t believe orientation is a sin. I’ve never given Benedict’s a thought until now. Because it doesn’t matter.
  • Irish-born Padraig Reidy on the British reaction to the Pope’s visit: ‘I’m an atheist but this anti-Catholic rhetoric is making me nervous’. From David Schütz.
  • Religious-(il)liberty watch: the UK’s last Catholic adoption agency.
  • A story about a Pastoral Provision-type priest (married RC like Fr L) and my version of that of the Charismatic Episcopal Church and what much of it is doing now as Antiochian Orthodox (part of a new biretta belt).

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