Tuesday, August 24, 2010

True Brit: now that’s discipline

Warning: eew! But it illustrates what made Britain Great. The same calmness, coolness and collectedness of the colonel under fire or the Spitfire pilot. The quality all that seemingly pointless marching is supposed to teach. And why I still read psalm translations by a bishop of Exeter I consider a heretic. Not only are they pretty but they are part of this culture. I have none of those qualities, at least not at this level, but a point of the spiritual life is to develop the contrary virtues to one’s besetting sins. So I keep reading those thous and thees. Sound off! One, two! Note that’s a real gun. It’s loaded. (Similar palace guards in Denmark opened fire on the invading Germans in WWII.) As you’ve gathered by now I’m anti-war but not anti-military.

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