Friday, August 20, 2010

Yesterday’s Roman Rite saint: John Eudes
A promoter of the Sacred Heart devotion, one of my favourites in some forms. As I like to quote here, a universally understood and accepted symbol of God’s love where it’s known. (Lots of mainline ministers have icons in their offices but a beloved longtime, retiring Presbyterian one I interviewed had a statue of this.) I entirely accept the Orthodox’ logic of not ruling either way on it (except the Antiochians’ accepting it in their WRV, God love them) — it didn’t happen in their church so they don’t claim authority to, so no liturgical commemorations or devotions in church. Rites are package deals; no mixing. They control what you do in church. (The Byzantine Rite doesn’t need it and I agree with Steve Hayes that well-meaning RC icons of it are yucky.) Devotions at home are free-form as those who’ve known Arab Christians in the Middle East (and here, such as Paul Anka and Jamie Farr) can tell you. Chances are if you go to somebody’s house, including the Orthodox, there it is on the wall. (My source: priest who lived in Palestine.) So ‘Nuts!’ to the converts who say it’s of an alien faith, the wrong phronema etc. (‘You worship a heart!’ = ‘You worship paintings, Mary, a piece of bread!’ etc.) I have a few images of this but not on display at home: it’s a clean, spare space with just enough religious things, not too much.

My priest, who also loves this one, says the heart thing is très français especially in the 1600s.

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