Friday, September 17, 2010

Bishop Fellay: if St Boniface had followed the Spirit of Vatican II there’d be no Catholics in Germany
You’d still have the Norse religion like in Wagner which the Nazis ultimately wanted to bring back. I believe in religious liberty but the SSPX rightly oppose indifferentism (catechismspeak for no one true church) and he makes the point that the bishop of Tarves and Lourdes lets (liberal) Protestants use a church but not, well, Catholics; in many cases the old liberals really are liberal Protestants.

(The Orthodox rightly don’t lend churches to non-Orthodox. I can’t see a Church Father being ‘ecumenical’ giving the local Arians et al., even second-generation ones, a turn at his altar. But I respect freedom of conscience and can see helping Protestants secure their own places of worship, as Catholic bishops in Italy have done for Anglicans.)

Counterpoint: born Anglicans are under no censure; they’re acting ‘in good faith’. Bishop Fellay is not excommunicated but has no faculties — yet? — to serve in his orders as a bishop; technically the SSPX are still not in good standing.

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