Thursday, September 30, 2010

Church, and blog house-cleaning
  • Telling the truth about Anglo-Catholicism. After Anglicanorum Cœtibus, Anglo-Papalism makes no sense. A gem via Dr Tighe, or partly why, besides other RC news, Damian Thompson remains in my blogroll. He left out one thing: the sincere ones can become WRO too.
  • A leaner, meaner fighting blog for peace. Blogrolling went down so I made a new, short blog list and cleaned up the rest of my sidebar. A sign Blogger seems to be going the way of MySpace (why would anybody choose prefab, garish pages when you can learn HTML and have your own clean, neat design? ... also the ability to custom-design pages is why I didn’t switch to WordPress as I don’t do my own hosting) in the onslaught of Facebook (I’m trying publishing to both but links get overlooked in the rush there) is there were many dead links and nobody told me. If you link to me and are no longer on the list, no knock on you. Chances are you no longer blog.
  • The other Bishop Robinson and me on American Anglo-Catholicism.
  • Conservative Anglicans in the local news for charitable work.
  • Orthodoxy: St Sophia and her daughters, Faith, Hope and Charity (maybe her friends called her Amy), where the Russian names Vera (pronounced Vyera — I know someone who hates the way her name sounds in English), Nad(y)ezhda (Nadia) and Lubov (Luba) come from. Real or allegorical? What about the teaching authority of the church putting saints on the calendar? Does doubt about a saint make you a Modernist? I think it’s like Donald Attwater’s and others’ approach. You may admit the legend has no basis in fact (many don’t) but if you can’t prove a hoax, the church OKs public veneration. (Privately you may ask the prayers of anyone.) Regarding the invocation of saints, you don’t have to venerate anyone in particular, only approve the principle of venerating saints. (Lots of unpleasant people are elevated to our altars which gives you hope.)
  • The services we love for the people we hate. Like Elena Maria Vidal’s observation on malicious people at Mass, a British priest vents about other trads.
  • St Jerome.

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