Friday, September 10, 2010

From LRC
  • Bamboozling the Tea Parties. This time around the GOP have hijacked the Perot and Paul movement’s potential so something we the latter helped started has turned into more red-state fascism.
  • History lesson: The civil society of the “wild west” of the post-1865 era was much more peaceful than American folklore suggests. There was a real culture of violence there, however — the U.S. government’s 25-year war of extermination against the Plains Indians, primarily “to make way for the railroads,” as General William Tecumseh Sherman said. This involved Sherman, Grant, Sheridan, Custer, Hancock, and many other “Civil War luminaries,” as one historian described them. Lincoln was a dictator and Sherman a war criminal.
  • It is power-elite propaganda to claim, as Obama does, that the Rev. Terry “Jim” Jones burning Korans will lead to terrorist acts or recruitment for the ideological tendency called al-Qaeda. American conduct in America is not the issue. As Ron Paul points out, it is US foreign policy that causes blowback. “They” don’t hate “us” because we are good or Christian or nuts. They hate the US corporate state’s occupation of their lands, its seizure of their oil, its murderous wars.
  • The coming collapse of the middle class. The postwar prosperity with style celebrated on ‘Mad Men’ is really coming to an end; we’re reverting to the Third World and historical norm of a few very rich and lots of very poor.
  • Growing up in the old America that was at least a living memory to ‘Mad Men’ and of course in many places still existed: Italian in PA’s Mon Valley, Catholic people.
  • My changing biz: the NYT’s probably on the same timetable as my 80-year-old paper. No more print edition by 2015. I’m retro but like you I read, watch and listen through this medium I pay a fee to use.

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