Saturday, September 18, 2010

From LRC
  • Depression II: 15 shocking poverty statistics.
  • What’s with wearing camo uniforms everywhere? I wondered about that too. That reminds me. I may not be a pure libertarian but that’s OK. I’m all for a crack defensive military with spiffy WWII-style uniforms like the US Navy has brought back for its officers and the Air Force is considering (keeping Air Force blue of course but going back to the cut of the Army Air Forces officer’s coat — looking like a soldier again and not an airline pilot or bus driver). But DoD seems not to have learnt from the Canadians’ mistake of not leaving unification at command level and merging the services (they’re slowly bringing back the traditional British uniforms); now they want to dress sailors in either camo or, dressier, just like fake Marines instead of the traditional sailor suits. (While we’re at it the Coast Guard should go back to the cool old-school Navy uniforms too.) And I like having the traditional men’s uniforms for the women but agree with Brian Mitchell on women in combat being a bad idea.

That’s better.

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