Saturday, September 18, 2010

From Mark Shea
  • I know little about Christine O’Donnell except these few facts. First, she sends both Andrew Sullivan and Karl Rove into spittle-flecked paroxysms of fury. So she’s got that in her favor. She appears to be another bellicose War Party candidate like Palin. So she’s got that against her. I have zero interest in Delaware politics, but I am grateful that the Tea Party movement is doing its part to surface people who send establishment drones into frenzies and who would probably look pretty good in armor.
  • Archbishop Burke, who literally wrote the book on Canon 915, has been elevated to the No. 5 guy in the Church. Expect some changes on the whole Episcopal Spine Alert front. I’d love to see the day when Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi sashay up to the front of the line with that smug look on their faces and are given a polite blessing and asked to return to their seats.

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