Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roissy brings together arguably the two most controversial subjects I link to, Steve Sailer’s and his. Two related truths most people are too nice to say: because most of them are unteachable and women like men stronger than them no matter what they say. Me: the standard disclaimers, Christian morals etc. Here he gets it:
The web has released an unabashed HBD Kraken from its underwater lair, and this beast is not afraid to confront harsh realities without the whitewash of politesse and codewords. Unfortunately, in its zeal to smash pretty lies by the boatload, the movement tends to succumb to infatuation with its opposition theories. The faint whiff of immutable determinism swirls snugly like a straitjacket on the follower fringe. An impetus to categorize human interactions based on easily perceived objective traits hints at the nerd-like systematizing mind trying to grasp the significance of the new and dangerous knowledge.

No evolutionary scientist worth his salt would argue that genes are wholly deterministic.
Why it’s not necessarily racist (both simply describe reality including the bad; fallen human nature), nurture does help nature (Roissy’s point here and thanks, Joshua, for pointing out this man’s comment) and, part of not being racist, individual liberty trumps all.

The Anti-Gnostic again:
Beneath the bluster and decadence is a very substantive, traditionalist message. Conservative, monogamous 51-year-old Steve Sailer links him. Roissy is one of those people despised in turn by the Left for his reactionary opinions and by the Right for his (purportedly) dissolute lifestyle. Anybody demonized by all sides of the political spectrum is usually worth a listen in my experience.

Game is the equalizer for men seeking female sexual partners in feminist society, and it works whether a man seeks a one-night stand or his partner in the marriage sacrament. Game is a tremendous affront to the ruling cultural Marxists who insist, in the face of all scientific evidence to the contrary, that men and women are fundamentally the same and that human evolution has ceased.

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