Thursday, September 23, 2010

A house divided
Conservative a/Anglicans like the Revd Matt Kennedy vs those who believe the Catholic view of priests. (A high-ish view of apostolic succession — claiming to have bishops just like us even though they said we were wrong to believe in the Mass — is what historically distinguished Episcopalians from other Protestants.) I think English Evangelicals have long not believed thus, which explains the historic position and reason to exist of the Reformed Episcopal Church (now in ACNA?) and Sydney today. Dr Tighe writes: see comments 114-116. ISTM that rather that try to ‘fight for Anglicanism’ (for an invitation to Lambeth every decade), although Protestantism is a house of cards because of lack of authority it would make more sense for the Matt Kennedys and Chris Johnsons to just decamp and join the Missouri Synod Lutherans: conservative, liturgical and no claim of succession. Also why the ordinariates would make sense and ACNA doesn’t.

(BTW two LCMS pastors’ blogs I like: Father Hollywood and incarnatus est.)

I also like what the Revd Anne Kennedy once wrote: if you believe the Catholic view of priests, which she like her husband doesn’t, you have no business believing in WO.

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